about worldkings





World Records Union (Worldkings) is the first union of national and regional records organization in the world. 
Worldkings was founded in 2013 with 25 business partners and initial members:
 1.   World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA
 2.   Asia Book of Records - ABR
 3.   World Records University - WRU
 4.   USA Records Organization - USKings
 5.   Indochina Book of Records  - IBR
 6.   ASEAN Book of Records - ABR
 7.   India Book of Records - IBR
 8.   Vietnam Book of Records - VietKings
 9.   Nepal Book of Records - NBR
 10. Bangladesh Book of Records - BBR
 11. Cambodia Book of Records - CBR
 12. Laos Book of Records - LBR
 13. Thailand Book of Records -TBR
 14. Global Union of Managers - GUM
 15. Indonesia Book of Records - IDBR
 16. National Register of Records - NRR
 17. World Record Association - WRA
 18. Global Vietnamese Record Organization - VietWorld
 19. World Science Academy of Record - WSAR
 20. World Record Content Academy - WRCA
 21. Global Education Record Holder - GWRH
 22. International World Record Holder Association - IWRHA
 23. Global Record Holder Achievement Bank - GAB
 24. Global Practices Online University - GPO
 25. World Humanity Institute
In the future, Worldkings will admit more members to expand the organization. The first annual edition of Worldkings was published in 2015 to introduce the newest world records in our planet.

WorldKings has 17 academies (they are aslo members of WorldKings) below for establishment of global data system.

  1. World Top Academy - WTA – Anually it makes public list 100 Tops in different fields such as economy, culture, society, etc. in the world.
  2. World Almanac & Event Academy - WAEA – It recognizes and store values of time and big events in the world.
  3. World Best Academy - WBA – Anually it makes public the products or services which are best-selling in the world.
  4. World Record Content Academy - WRCA -  It awards Delication Awards and honour record holders who have lifetime achievements which have valuable content for the benefit of community all over the world.
  5. World Copyright Academy - WCA – It grants copyright to products and services of record holders in the world as well as connect to the business community to develope value of their copyrights.
  6. World Unique Creativity Academy - WUCA – It makes public unique values of record holders to develop, trade and display in exhibitions and help them auction their products.
  7. World Quintessence Academy - WQA – It seeks most special quintessences of global community of record holders, performing artists, craftsmen of trade villages, scientists, researchers and business people.
  8. World Brain Academy - WBA – It researches and establish documents of record holders who have excellent brains all over the world.
  9. World Values Academy - WVA – It gathers database of record products, valuable quintessences of record holders to create documents, preserve and make them public all over the world
  10. World Records Institue - WorldMark It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in 5 continents.
  11. Asia Records Institute - ASRI - It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in Asia region.
  12. Africa Records Institute - AFRI - It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in Africa region.
  13. Australia Records Institute - AURI - It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in Australia region.
  14. Europe Records Institute - EURI - It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in Europe region.
  15. America Records Institute - AMRI - It researches, acknowledges and nominates records in America region.
  16. World Health Academy - WHA - It gathers and researches methods as well as solutions for health of countries in the world
  17. World Occupational Science Academy - WOSA - It gathers all information related to occupation. Researching and honouring founders and entrepreneurs in the world.