about worldkings




 - WorldKings will focus on seeking and recognizing the records which have timeless value in fields of economy (products or services) and bring long-term benefits to society and countries all over the world.

 - Annually WorldKings will organize meetings of record holders who create values in global investment, commerce and service. Furthermore, WorldKings will connect with record organizations and record holders in the world to create new values and share experiences to them. Besides, WorldKings will create models which meet aspiration of record holers in the world based on their available values.

 - WorldKings will help  record organizations with the  promotion of the values of specialities, cuisine, historical monuments, culture and famous destinations of countries all over the world through global communication connection of WorldKings members.

 - WorldKings will establish a trading floor of unique products of record holders and bring them to professional auctions in the world.

 - WorldKings will build a professional website which contains record values of record organizations which are member of WorldKings and publish World Record Yearbook to introduce all of world valuable records.

 - “Creativity in record is like an endless ocean.” Although the way we choose has a lot of difficulties, it has wonderful values of great promise in the future. We look forward to the support and cooperation of world record holder community.


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