[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 30 August, 2022 – Bisu Secures $3M in Funding for Its "Home Health Lab" Solution


(WorldKings.org) Bisu Body Coach can tell if you’re at risk of a gout attack by analyzing urine

Smart health technology has come a long way from its conception, and at CES 2020, we saw the introduction of smart devices that monitored everything from the way you walk to your blood pressure. One of the most interesting devices debuted was the Bisu Body Coach, a device that can tell you everything from your nutrition levels to whether you’re about to suffer an attack of gout. And it does all of this with a simple urine test.



The Bisu contains a urine sampling stick inside an elongated, rectangular housing. All you have to do is pop the end and extend the stick. A few drops of urine are all the Bisu needs to analyze your current health. Once you have provided Bisu a sample, the device can give personalized diet advice. It tracks electrolytes, hydration, ketones, pH, and uric acid levels. From these levels, the Bisu can make recommendations on foods you should add to your diet to compensate for nutritional deficiencies. The companion app lets you access this information at any time and provides explanations behind its reasoning.



The idea behind Bisu is that while people have better access to important health information than ever before, dietary analysis still eludes the average person. Hiring a dietician is expensive, after all. The Bisu Body Coach will supposedly be able to deliver all of this information in the simplest way possible and help people take more control of their lives. Urine testing is easier than blood testing, and still quite accurate.



The sticks are one-time use, but Bisu hopes to make them available for around $20 for a month of test sticks and a one-time purchase of $100 for the Body Coach. Because the Body Coach is designed so no urine ever enters it, the device can be used by multiple people. Bisu recommends testing every one to three days per person for the most beneficial results.

The device will ship worldwide, but support will initially only be available in English.

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