[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 23 May 2023 – Smart learning device sticks a personal teacher to your guitar


(WorldKings.org) Learning to play guitar is tough, and though there's no replacement for hard work and practice, technology can lend a helping hand. The mu6label is the latest gadget in the space, a bendy AI-powered device that attaches to a guitar's upper edge and includes a virtual teacher, chord library and scales training, a metronome and tuner, and backing tracks to jam along with.

The mu6label was developed to address some issues often encountered by folks learning to play guitar. For example, even if beginners employ a guitar teacher, tuition is not available 24/7 and mistakes made between lessons can go unchecked and become difficult to unlearn. Setup time can eat into available practice windows, and players may not remember where they're at in a lesson or be unsure of what kind of stuff to practice.

A learner is treated to two 240 x 280-pixel color touchscreen displays to interface with the device, there's an integrated piezo sensor for tuning, and for error detection during practice, and a built-in speaker. The onboard battery is reckoned good for up to 15 hours of use between charges.

Handy features include tuners for four-to-seven-stringed instruments, a chord library, modal scales maps, a versatile metronome and customizable rhythm generator, a decibel meter for hearing health and temperature/humidity sensors to help keep your guitar in tip-top condition.

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