[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 23 March 2023 – Birdfy Nest: A Dual-Camera Smart Bird House


(WorldKings.org) Capture the beauty of bird nesting on your phone anytime anywhere.

With Birdfy Nest, you can experience the convenience of live streaming the interior of the birdhouse directly from your smartphone, allowing you to observe the birds up close without causing any disturbance to our feathered friends!

Birdfy Nest uses AI to recognize the key stages of nesting and incubation and creates short videos that you can share with your loved ones. You won’t miss any crucial moments. Plus, you’ll contribute to valuable ecological data and support bird conservation efforts.

Enter the fascinating world of birds with Birdfy Nest. With AI technology, Birdfy Nest lets you effortlessly track and identify the nesting and incubation stages of birds and watch informative videos.

Watch birds in high definition with two cameras inside and outside the Birdhouse. Adjust the angle easily with two-dimensional support. Birdfy Nest gives you an immersive experience of birdlife like never before. Birdfy Nest cameras have white light complement technology to give you a clear image even in the dark.

The modern design of the birdhouse makes it not only a functional birdhouse but also a stylish addition to any outdoor space.

Birdfy Nest has a 180° full open magnetic door design that lets you clean the house easily and keep it safe from predators. Give your feathered friends the best nesting environment possible.

Birds need a safe and secure place to nest and raise their young. The Birdfy Nest has a specially designed anti-predator entrance hole that can help birds feel comfortable and confident in their nesting environment. This can increase their nesting success and encourage them to choose the Birdfy Nest as their home.

Birdfy Nest can be customized to suit different bird species by changing the entrance hole size. You can also choose a metal entrance hole for extra durability.

A transparent acrylic panel lets you watch the birds inside the box or help them if needed.

The Birdfy Nest has an IP66 Weatherproof rating that ensures it can withstand most weather conditions.

Customize your Birdfy Nest to make it as unique as the birds that call it home! You can paint or adorn our high-quality, untreated wood with your own designs and artwork, giving you the opportunity to craft a unique birdhouse and enjoy a window to your backyard.

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Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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