[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 22 November, 2022 – Havaianas x Market Zip Top Slides Can Transform From Summer Flip-Flops To Winter Puffer Slippers


(WorldKings.org) Wearing flip-flops in the winter sounds like the worst idea, with your toes likely freezing within a few minutes of being out and about.

But what if your flip-flop has a detachable hood that you can put on to turn it into proper cold weather shoes? That’s exactly what they did with the Havaianas x Market Zip Top Slides.

The newest collab between the two brands, this one features an all-new silhouette that can transform from summer flip-flops to winter-ready puffer shoes through the use of a detachable upper.



That’s right, this thing has an insulated puffer upper that can zip on and off as needed, allowing you to spend the cold days of the year wearing the same flip-flops you rocked all through the warm summer months.

The Havaianas x Market Zip Top Slides is a chunky-looking pair of flip-flops, with a thicker sole and wider straps than the brand’s usual slip-ons. It appears to have a pretty wide profile, too, which should help for accommodating the add-on upper. And yes, it looks like any standard flip-flop that’s perfect for frolicking in the beach, albeit with odd zipper teeth along the edges of the footbed. The zipper teeth thy incorporated does blend in rather than stand out, though, so folks will rarely even notice it unless they look closely.



Of course, those zipper teeth are there to let you attach the included quilted upper, which turns the erstwhile open slipper into insulated puffer slides. How warm is that upper? We’re not entirely sure, but it does look like the kind of sufficiently toasty quilted uppers you’ll find in most cold weather slip-ons. Sure, it’s definitely still not the kind of shoe you’ll want to wear while galivanting around town during winter season, but it does look like comfy footwear you won’t mind keeping on while clearing the driveway or driving down to the local takeout spot.

According to coolthings.com


Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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