[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 21 June, 2022 – Israeli shoe-tracking sports startup Playermaker raises $40 million


(WorldKings.org) Company tracks athlete performance with a wearable sensor for soccer shoes, plans to use funding to expand to other sports, starting with basketball.

Sports tech startup Playermaker, which produces a shoe-mounted wearable device to track soccer performance, said it has raised $40 million in funding that will help the company expand into other sports.

Playermaker, a Tel Aviv firm now headquartered in the UK, has created a shoe-mounted connected wearable sensor designed to provide in-depth level analysis into athletes’ performance when worn in training.

The technology has been used by over 250 elite, professional and recreational soccer organizations, the company said, including Norwich, Liverpool and Arsenal.

The wearable sensor aims to provide coaches and players with insights about their plays, and help them make decisions based on data about player development and training priorities, including how to maximize skills and manage injuries.

The new investment, led by Ventura Capital Group, will help Playermaker expand in the consumer market and develop a “multi-sport platform” for other sports, starting with basketball, the company said. Other investors included MIG Capital and Pegasus Tech ventures.

The company was accepted to be part of the International Federation of Association Football’s (FIFA) Innovation Programme last year. The innovation program, launched last year by the international governing body of association football, aims to help bring innovative products to the game by making sure that new devices meet its global standard.

The company said its technology was the first wearable device selected by the FIFA program, which was set to test the device for two years.

According to timesofisrael.com

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