[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 18 March 2023 – This 20-Pound Portable Microwave Can Heat 11 Meals In Between Charges


(WorldKings.org) The 20-pound cordless microwave can heat 11 cold meals or 20 drinks before it needs a fresh pair of batteries.

Sometimes, the only thing that can get you through a long day of work is having a hot meal halfway through it. That’s not always an option if you’re stuck on a construction site, or even on the road, unless you’ve brought along Makita’s latest power tool: a cordless microwave that zaps instead of cuts.

Construction workers can’t run on empty, so Makita’s new cordless microwave is compatible with the company’s XGT system, allowing a pair of 40-volt rechargeable batteries to be clipped onto the back of the appliance for power. It’s not just targeted at construction sites, however; Makita’s new microwave could also ensure you don’t miss your hot morning coffee during a power outage, and seems like an ideal solution for camping (or glamping).Vanlifers living off the grid might also get a kick out of it.

With two fully-charged XGT batteries, Makita’s microwave can deliver 500-watts of power for eight minutes before stepping down to 350-watts until the batteries are dead. The batteries provide enough power to reheat about 11 lunches, or 20 hot drinks, but mileage will vary, particularly if starting with frozen meals. With just 0.28 cubic feet of capacity, space inside the microwave is also limited, but it should be large enough to handle single portion meals.

For the time being, Makita has only announced availability for its new cordless microwave in Japan, where it will sell for ¥71,500, or around US $540.

According to gizmodo.com

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