[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 17 June, 2022 – Color-sensing Quill stylus takes its cues from the world around it


(WorldKings.org) Tech startup Tooliqa has an innovative artistic tool that allows creative minds to draw inspiration from their surroundings. The newly launched Quill is a stylus that features clever color-sensing capabilities to match its output to 16 million different color possibilities, and works with a Qube docking station that serves as both a wireless charger and smart speaker.

The Quill stylus is inspired by the color-picking pen conceived by Korean designer Jin Sun Park, which makes use of a RGB color sensor to detect the colors of surrounding objects. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to pack this functionality into a sleek and ergonomic stylus for digital drawing, sketching and painting.

The RGB sensor is built into the end of the stylus and can be pressed up against anything from a plant to a tabletop to capture the desired color. An LED indicator embedded in the stylus' body displays the captured color, which is then relayed onto a Whiteboard in the accompanying Quill iOS app.

Beyond the bespoke coloring offered by the Quill stylus, the app allows for all kinds of creativity and digital art creation. The possibilities include combining 2D creations with 3D objects from the real world, through the "Qlip" feature. Users can also incorporate elements from a 3D object library, collaborate with friends through built-in chat functions and use the scheduling tool to keep on top of their creative endeavors.

When not in use, the Quill can be inserted into the Wi-Fi-connected Qube, which wirelessly charges the stylus and, with Alexa functionality, acts as a smart speaker and voice assistant. With a full charge, the stylus should be good for at least five hours of use, while the Qube itself runs on direct AC power.

The Quill and companion Qube are available in a six different colors: Pearl, Flamingo, Slate, Crimson, Frost and Bumblebee. The stylus' triangular, ergonomic form is designed for maximum comfort in-hand, and even features haptic feedback functionality in certain modes.

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Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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