[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 14 March 2023 – YICHEN GAME - The First Fitness Ring With A Gaming System


(WorldKings.org) Built-in game host APP bluetooth connection support single and double player game mode, and motion sensor puts you in the game.

YICHEN GAME is the first somatosensory fitness ring that integrates the game console and the induction ring, eliminating the need for an external console.With self-developed APP, compatible with iOS and Android systems. Satisfy your mobile phone or TV and other smart devices to start the game sports journey. In addition to supporting single-player game mode, it also supports two-player interactive mode. Built-in 13 kinds of fitness games, you can play games and exercise at the same time.

YICHEN GAME supports both single-player sports mode and two-player interactive game mode. Grab a YICHEN GAME and play games and adventures with your child to strengthen bonds, enhance physical fitness, exercise coordination and keep fit.

YICHEN GAME's self-developed app has 13 built-in fitness games, including three types of games: fitness, running, and leisure and entertainment, which can meet your needs for exercise at any stage. Playing games while exercising your body makes exercise more interesting.

There is a wide range of workout moves for you to experience. The fitness moves in the game are divided into categories such as system workout, arm workout, abdominal workout, leg workout, strength workout and yoga. Users can choose the ideal exercises for their body and achieve a satisfactory fitness result.

No need to plug in, no need for a console - just download the YICHEN GAME App with your phone or tablet, then activate the Bluetooth connection and location function to start working out and playing. And compatible with iOS and Android.

With the YICHEN GAME app installed on your mobile phone, you can cast your screen to your TV or projector. It is worth to own if you like to exercise with a big screen. In addition, the fitness ring and leg sensors can be controlled by the user via a Bluetooth connection to the phone.

Made of eco-friendly safe materials, the grip of the fitness ring is highly air permeable, which has good resistance to perspiration. Also, they are made of soft texture for a comfortable grip and can be removed for washing and repeated use. The leg sensor is designed as an adjustable size with a ventilated grid that is skin friendly and reassuring to use.

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