[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 14 March 2023 – BATU: Airbag Massage Cushion-Let hip, waist, and neck dance


(WorldKings.org) Batu cushion has set up AI automatic learning technology to recommend suitable airbag pressure based on body pressure and contact surface, with automatic air pressure and airflow matching.

BATU uses inflatable massagers that simulate the rhythm of ocean waves, with a rate of 10 times per minute, and adopt patented convectional inflation and deflation technology that allows your hips and back to undulate in harmony with the massage.

With a unique distribution of neck airbags and an ergonomic airbag shape, the cushion provides both cushioning and massage to thoroughly relax your neck, with airbags that cushion and massage for optimal comfort.

The patented air convection technology creates a "anti-gravity" effect by allowing the air to flow and produce even pressure distribution.

The seat area of BATU cushion provides all-around force distribution from your hips to thighs, allowing your body weight to be evenly supported.

BATU changes the conventional "straight-line" hip contact of regular cushions, using airbags to balance hip pressure and relieve the flattening and spreading of the hips.

The unique distribution of airbags on the back of BATU cushion is arranged according to the spine and ergonomic structure, with undulating "wave-like" movements that stretch and relax your lower back.

BATU uses a USB interface that supports power banks, adapters, and computer use, with 5V input, 10W low power consumption, and a 1.5m cable, allowing you to enjoy the cushion anytime and anywhere.

The environmentally friendly TPU fabric material used by BATU has excellent waterproofing properties, so it can withstand accidental liquid spills and is also resistant to stains.

The bottom of the cushion is equipped with over ten thousand A-grade anti-slip particles, arranged in a grid pattern to ensure stability and prevent slipping even on glass or oily surfaces.

According to kickstarter.com

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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