[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 11 January 2023 – Anti-Anxiety Pillow Comforts You By ‘Breathing’ To Guide You To Take A Beat


(WorldKings.org) A new robotic pillow called ‘Fufuly’ was unveiled at the CES 2023 show in Las Vegas, and it was even named as an Innovations Award Honoree there for precisely the reason that makes it akin to holding someone who takes your stress away.

Fufuly was invented by Yukai Engineering, a Japanese firm reputed for developing adorable robot companions.

Fufuly is built with “deep breathing technology” that’s rooted in the phenomenon of entrainment, in which a person’s bodily functions adapt to harmonize with an external source—much like the way your breathing accelerates or slows down when you listen to music.

Fufuly breathes with an optimal rhythm and depth in tandem with research by the University of Tokyo that showed the best conditions to induce relaxation.

The cloud-like pillow—filled with a soft velour for the most huggable squeezes—is meant to bear the shape of “a puff of exhaled air,” though we’d like to think of it as the living manifestation of a breath of relief.

Fufuly can be held to tide you through a stressful day at work, when you’re resting at home, or to help you fall asleep, according to its creators.

According to designtaxi.com

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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