[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 10 March 2023 – Swiss startup unveils Smart Ski Goggles in Vegas


(WorldKings.org) In a world first, these advanced ski goggles give the wearer an augmented reality experience and feature a high-quality color display.

Zurich based Ostloong Innovations, specializing in innovative augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, is unveiling at CES Vegas 2023 its first product, the “Sirius” smart ski goggles, which incorporate artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR+AI*) technologies.

After years of experience in the use and development of augmented reality systems in confined spaces, the start-up has succeeded in developing the OUTDOOR AR technology system, an augmented reality system that is deployed outdoors. Unmatched by anything else on the market, the Sirius smart goggles are unique in their combination of augmented reality with artificial intelligence, in addition to the classic functions of goggles.

Based on analysis and algorithms, the goggles provide the ability to place virtual objects (e.g., slalom posts) in the real world outside, while ensuring safety, for example by identifying danger zones. Ostloong Innovations is the first company to offer this combination of technologies to be used in snow sports. “Sirius’ multi-dimensional and immersive experience gives the wearer a new way of orienting oneself, moving and communicating in the open air. It offers safety and fun, increasing skiers' satisfaction”, adds Dimitri Charrière COO of Ostloong Innovations and former Professional Freestyle Skier.

"Technology is at the service of innovation. It allows us to imagine the products of tomorrow and to create them today. Our ambition is to modernize and reinvent people’s daily lives through the use of our OUTDOOR ARTM technology system. We are proud of our Sirius smart goggles, which are made possible thanks to the best current technologies and are destined to revolutionize the world of skiing and snowboarding," commented Amber Gao.

The Sirius smart goggles are now available starting at approximately $650 (depending on the model). It comes in two models – Standard and Pro – with the latter shooting the price up to $1,100 odd. By combining AI and AR in smart goggles Ostloong has created for mountain lovers a new level of virtual experience that can enhance the way people interact with their environment.

According to yankodesign.com

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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