[WORLDKINGS - Ideastime] Daily Highlights 02 June, 2022 – Techlok Solutions LapLok anti-theft system for laptops brings steel construction and an alarm


(WorldKings.org) Looking for a way to keep your laptop safe in public places? You're in luck because Techlok Solutions is here to deliver. Their new security gadget is the perfect answer to your problem, and it can even protect your bag or backpack too.

Anyone who finds themselves working on the fly—in coffee shops or other public places—knows the fear of stepping away from your laptop only to have it stolen. There are even cases where people have had devices snatched right out from beneath their fingertips. Thankfully, Techlok Solutions offers a, well, solution: the LapLok anti-theft system.



Your laptop itself is worth plenty enough as it is. Add to that the fact that your laptop likely has a plethora of valuable, private data stored on it as well. LapLok keeps your device secured to surfaces like tables and countertops. This lets you step away for a moment without worrying that someone may attempt to swipe it and run.

The LapLok uses an adhesive mounting arm that permanently attaches to your laptop. Firstly, the sight of it alone is enough to deter grab-and-go gadget grabbers. But the simple yet advanced locking system is easy to install in only 6 steps. Anyone afraid of a complex setup can rest assured it’s perfectly convenient to put together and use.



While it’s unlikely anyone will want to bother with a laptop secured by the LapLok system, some may attempt to try their luck. Their attempts will be in vain, though, because there’s a 50-decibel alarm that’s loud enough to stop thieves of opportunity in their tracks. Not only that but there’s a handy bag lock that will also keep your backpack or purse secure too.



It’s worth pointing out that anyone looking at TechLok Solutions’ LapLok might be thinking that it’s yet another device they have to carry with them. Well, no worries. Its steel construction is tough and durable, but not at the expense of its ease of carrying. It barely weighs more than 1-lb and isn’t any larger than a smartphone when it isn’t in use.

According to thegadgetflow.com


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