[WORLDKINGS] Fascinating collections in the world (P.44) - The Green Lady of Brooklyn who only wears green and collect green items, USA.


(WorldKings.org) Elizabeth Sweetheart is known in her area of Brooklyn as the Green Lady of Carroll Gardens for her evergreen approach to life.

For the past 20 years or so, she has dressed head to toe in a bright lime green, with hair dyed to match.

“I’ve just become green — I can’t wear any other color,” she said on Monday at her townhouse on Nelson Street, where the front door, back door and staircase were painted green to match much of the interior.

The kitchen had a green rug, a green trash can, green utensils, dishes, cutting boards and saucepans. Ms. Sweetheart’s coffee cup, oatmeal carton and vitamin pill case and the sponges in the sink were all green, as were the knobs on the cabinets.

“It’s funny how you collect a few things, and then it keeps growing,” said Ms. Sweetheart, a mirthful sprite of a woman, just under 5 feet tall.

She is an artist who makes tiny, finely painted watercolors, and has worked for decades creating hand-painted prints for top clothing designers and manufacturers.

“I’m always doing things to keep happy, and green is just the most positive color, and the happiest,” said Ms. Sweetheart, who is hard to miss in the neighborhood as she runs her daily errands.

Ms. Sweetheart said she was born Elizabeth Eaton in Nova Scotia and raised by her grandparents in a cabin near the Bay of Fundy, where her grandmother taught her to paint and make clothing.

In 1964, she hitchhiked to New York City to establish herself as an artist and found work creating prints in the garment industry. For years, she enjoyed wearing vintage dresses and self-designed hats and then began favoring outfits in single colors. She went through numerous colors before settling on green.

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