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(WorldKings.org) In 2018, works of art owned by beloved entertainer Robin Williams and his wife of over 20 years, Marsha Garces Williams, were part of a dedicated auction at Sotheby’s in New York. The auction also includes more than 40 watches from Williams’ personal collection, along with furniture, decorative art, toys and ephemera from his illustrious career.

On their collecting philosophy, Marsha said, “We didn’t really think of it as collecting. We chose things that made us laugh, think, or want to be its caretakers for a period of time so that we could see them regularly. We loved the pieces that elicited immediate responses from ourselves, each other, family and friends.”

Banksy, “Happy Choppers”

In a 2007 article in The New Yorker, writer Lauren Collins describes Banksy’s style as “broad social cartooning,” meticulously detailed and cleanly articulated. “Confronted with a blank surface,” said Collins, Banksy “will cover it with scenes of anti-authoritarian whimsy.”

Happy Choppers was purchased by Marsha for Robin in large part because it references the toys and figurines he thoughtfully collected throughout childhood and as an adult.

Niki de Saint-Phalle, “Le poète et sa muse”

Niki de Saint-Phalle is an Outsider artist known for exuberant, colorful figures and large-scale installation projects. She started creating art as a type of therapy but eventually began working as an artist full time. In Le poète et sa muse (the poet and his muse), as in her other works, the artist articulated defiant ideas about gender norms and the role of women in society.

Yoshitomo Nara, “Puff Marshie”

Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese artist connected to Superflat, a movement that serves as a reproof of post-World War II consumerism and western influence in Japan. Nara’s signature style incorporates bold, sometimes sinister images of wide-eyed children.

Nara’s anime-like aesthetic also drew Williams and his wife to the piece. “We watched a lot of Japanese animations as a family. Those are the sorts of things we always did together with the kids,” said Marsha.

Yoram Wolberger, “Blue Cowboy No. 1 (Gunslinger)”

Yoram Wolberger’s Blue Cowboy No. 1 (Gunslinger) was given to Williams by his wife in 2007. She said, “I adore the cowboy because it was the kind of toy Robin played with growing up. There were these little plastic badly-molded toys that you could get a bag of cowboys, or army men, or whatever. This was the large sculptural version of that. I loved that for him.”

Dale Chihuly, Illuminated “Ikebana”

Innovative glass artist Dale Chihuly is known for his experimentations with medium, color, and form. On his work Chihuly stated, “I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in some way that they’ve never experienced.”

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