[WORLDKINGS] Fascinating collections in the world (P.37) - Creepy doll collection of Etanis Gonzalez, Venezuela.


(WorldKings.org) Every doll collection is a little bit weird. But no one should have that many dead eyes surveying their living room. So if you really want to stand out in this subculture, you need to go out of your way to build a deep, lingering sense of unease. Enter Etanis Gonzalez, a Venezuelan artist who said, "To hell with displaying our grim homunculi in dainty, teacup-laden environments. Let's go full horror!"

Gonzalez is so proud of his legions of decapitated terrors that he hangs them from his balcony like battered plastic gargoyles. According to the clean explanation which he shared with the press, this all started after he took some dolls from his daughter's room. Rather than accept that his daughter was growing up before his eyes, he decided to haunt his entire Caracas neighborhood for decades to come. Although to be fair, Caracas is one of the planet's most violent cities, and would you mess with a house that looked like this?

It only gets worse as you get closer.

Just look at those frozen, dusty smiles. It's like he gave them a soul right before dismembering them. Gonzalez says he's merely expressing himself, but some of his neighbors assumed he worshiped Satan and nicknamed his lair "The Balcony of a Thousand Heads

According to cracked.com

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