[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights September 16, 2021 - Thames Technology Launches PayCard+, a Range of Wearable Devices


(Worldkings.org) Thames Technology, a British company specializing in card-based technology, has announced the launch of 'PayCard+,' a unique contactless payment offering that utilizes wearable devices such as wristbands, watches, rings, and more.

'PayCard+' looks to offer users a simple solution for maximizing the efficiency of contactless payments, while --undoubtedly -- making the process more stylish. Delivered alongside a traditional payment card, customers can select a preferred wearable device that comes equipped pre-embedded payment chip tied to their account. Once received users can immediately begin making purchases with their wearable device.



Not only do wearable payment devices present a convenient alternative to tapping with a traditional bank card, but they also represent an untapped market for fashion retailers. For example, brand's could begin building custom jewelry with payment functionality built-in.

There are many reasons why consumers love wearable payment technology.



With people increasingly looking for more convenient, frictionless, and stylish ways to pay, wearables are the perfect option. They offer banking customers a payment solution for wherever they go and whenever they need. Ideal for festivals, sporting events, theme parks, public transport, the beach, and even the swimming pool, with a payment device around their wrist or on their finger, it’s the ultimate inconvenience.



In addition, they look cool too! With wearables still in their infancy, their use provokes conversation enabling users to impress their peers. With a wide range of different wearable to choose from, you can be sure there is the right one available to suit your different customers’ needs. For example, modern jewelry with integrated payment functions such as rings and bracelets offers a stylish and convenient way of paying which will quickly become the preferred way of using an account. This makes sure yours is the payment method of choice for your customers, which means there’s no need to be ‘front of the wallet’ anymore.

According to Trend Hunter, Fintech Finance

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