[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights 05 May, 2022 – OISLE ultraslim 65w 16,900mAh all-metal power bank


(WorldKings.org) OISLE is a new all metal power bank equipped with a 16,900mAh battery and capable of providing dual 65W USB-C PD outputs. The slim power bank also supports the Fast Charging of the latest iPhone 13, it also supports charge to your Apple MacBook. USB-C port 1: Max 65W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Input and Output. USB-C port 2: Max 65W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Input and Output.

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the creative project from roughly $74 or £55 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 37% off the final retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

“The all-metal ultra-slim 65W dual USB-C portable power bank with 16900mAh battery capacity, allows you to charge up your phones without running out of power. Extra points to its portability and slim design help you easily carry it around anywhere. Ideal for business and leisure travelers, the extreme gamer, the gadget obsessed, also suitable for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and anyone who has had a device low on power at the most inconvenient time.”

If the OISLE campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and the project completion progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around July 2022.

Thanks to dual 65W USB PD, the OISLE can deliver up to 65W output and input for faster charging and recharging. To enable fast charging of your device or fast recharging of the OISLE, use only one USB-C port and leave the other port unplugged. With Dual 65W USB-C PD ports, OISLE can provide fast charging for two laptops(charge 2 MacBook Pro 13” (65W)) at once. “

OISLE - Pin dự phòng mỏng đẹp như iPad, sạc nhanh 65W cùng lúc 2 Macbook, mua sớm giá giảm 37% còn 1.6 triệu - Ảnh 1.

“OISLE is high capacity, yet sleek, compact and slim to 8.8 mm. In spite of being super compact and lightweight, It is a great everyday power companion anytime anywhere. Slim enough to fit in pockets and easily grab with one hand. With OISLE’s exclusive design to be highly compact making it extremely convenient to carry around with you everywhere, and with 16900mAh capacity it will last you through most of the day.”

According to geeky-gadgets.com

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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