[WORLDKINGS] Daily highlight August 04, 2020 - Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush keeps bacteria away from your porcelain throne


(WorldKings.org) Keep your porcelain throne clean with the Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush. This intelligent gadget keeps your favorite seat in the house free of bacteria.

The world’s smartest toilet brush is built with a powerful motor that is designed to deliver an in-depth cleaning experience of stains while ensuring you’re always safe as you use Good Papa. After all, hygiene and safety go hand in hand.

With a TPR brush head, Good Papa is long enough to keep your hand clean, being easy to use and soft—by offering an effortless user experience and by ensuring your toilet does not get scratched. On the other hand, while it’s a powerful toilet cleaner, this is an eco-friendly device—it’s use has no negative ecological impact on your health or on the environment.

This smart toilet cleaner has a nonstop battery life of 1.5 hours. That’s probably more than you need to clean your toilet, which means you can use it for every bathroom in your house in one session.

And it charges via USB-C to easily integrate with your other gadgets. What’s more, its speed of 300 rotations per minute means that it gets any grime off your toilet.

While a conventional toilet brush is only 38cm long, Good Papa is 46cm long and it is ergonomically designed to allow you to reach the surfaces you want to clean with much less effort and without having to bend and experience back strain as much as you normally would.

Good Papa features a placement flexibility that allows you to store it in different angles—either on the floor or on the wall, depending on your bathroom’s style and layout, it’s up to you!

Using UV-C sterilization at a wavelength of 270–285 nm, the Good Papa has just one button that allows you to control everything. Finally, when you’re done, just set it in its base to self-clean.

According to thegadgetflow.com and kickstarter.com

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