Visit Kamwo Meridian Herbs, New York's oldest Chinese herbal shop


( Kamwo Meridian Herbs, which opened in NYC’s Chinatown in 1973, lays claim to meticulous combinations of specific dried herbs that promise to quell an array of ailments, from stress to poor circulation, with centuries-old concoctions.

Chinese herbal medicine’s history can be traced back over 3,000 years, and stems from the early Zhou Dynasty; four seminal texts on the topic were published between 26 BC and 220 AD.Medicinal herbs first became popular stateside in the late 20th century, particularly in the 1990s, when the virtues of self-care started being extolled.



At Kamwo and other TCM practitioners, these magical-seeming cures can be customized for each patient during a consultation involving a slew of questions on family health history, bowel movements, sleep patterns, and more; as opposed to the traditional roster of vitals, like height, weight, and blood pressure, taken on a visit to an M.D.



Located in New York's renowned Chinatown, Kamwo Meridian Herbs has been a mainstay of the Chinese Medicine community for over 50 years. With an extensive offering of natural wellness options, knowledgeable staff, and TCM physicians on hand.



The shop supply ready-made medicinals and bulk herbs with the finest quality. Its comprehensive dispensary includes raw herbs, granules, aromatherapy products, and products sorted by symptoms to stock your medicine cabinet. Rejuvenate with Kamwo Meridian Herbs broad selection of natural skin care products, herbal supplements, and injury recovery formulas.

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