Special cuisine around the world (P.87) - Seven-Color Tea (Bangladesh): The magical rainbows in a glass


(WorldKings.org) Seven-color tea or seven-layer tea is a well-known hot beverage in Bangladesh.

It is invented by Romesh Ram Gour - the well-known bartender in Bangladesh. He actually found a way to make the seven-color tea when he discovered the density of leaves is different from each one. Each layer of the cup has a different color, taste which ranges from sweet to spicy. When you sip through all the layers, it is a journey for your taste from a syrupy sweet to spicy clove, and more than that, you can feel much better when drinking it all. Different people have different feelings!

No one knows how to make the 7 color tea exactly but there are 3 types of ingredients that must have in a cup of seven-color tea which are teas grown in Sreemongol, green tea, and condensed milk. The name of 7 color tea comes from 7 layers of its patterns.

Romesh Ram Gour, from Srimongol in the county’s north-east Sylhet region, has become a local legend as the inventor of a multi-layer tea. For him, it’s not about the combination of different temperatures, but different colours and flavours. He manages to get seven of them (sometimes even 10) in one glass, all lining up like a dusky rainbow.

It’s rumoured that a major Bollywood star once offered to fly Gour to India and pay him handsomely if he’d create the tea for his wedding guests. Gour declined, just as he also refused to expand his business across the country or internationally. A Guardian’s journalist asked him if he ever regretted this. “What for?” he shrugged. “For money? A bigger TV? I’m happy with life as it is.”

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