Special cuisine around the world (P.55) - Maras Dondurma: The “stretchy” ice cream of Turkey


(WorldKings.org) Originating more than a century ago in the Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, Maras ice cream is a creamy, smooth dessert with an elastic texture and is made in different flavours such as vanilla, red currant, peach and pistachio.

Turkish ice cream is unlike any other dessert of its kind anywhere in the world. Known as 'Maras dondurma' its unique ingredients and dense texture come from a recipe dating back hundreds of years.

Maras ice cream is made of milk, sugar, and powder from the tubers of wild orchids.

Two qualities distinguish Turkish ice cream: hard texture and resistance to melting, brought about by the inclusion of the thickening agents salep, a flour made from the root of the early purple orchid, and mastic, a resin that imparts chewiness.

The Kahramanmaraş region is known for maraş dondurması, a variety that contains distinctly more salep than usual. Tough and sticky, it is sometimes eaten with a knife and fork.

Dondurma is commonly sold from both street vendors' carts and storefronts, where the mixture is churned regularly with long-handled paddles to keep it workable. Vendors often tease the customer by serving the ice cream cone on a stick and then taking away the dondurma with the stick by rotating it around, before finally giving it to the customer. This sometimes results in misunderstandings among customers unfamiliar with the practice. Vendors often wear the traditional clothing of the Ottoman period.

In some places in Turkey, it is customary to treat the ice cream as a Shawarma and cut servings with a butcher knife.

Some Turks believe that cold foods, such as ice cream, will cause illnesses – such as sore throats and the common cold; it is held that consumption of warm liquid while consuming ice cream will counteract these effects.

Α distinct variation of dondurma is also consumed in Greece, especially in the north of the country, where it is called "dudurmas" or "kaimaki".

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