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(WorldKings.org) Versatile, packed with flavour, and cheap relative to other forms of local seafood, it’s no wonder conch is so widely eaten, and eaten in so many different ways. Breaded in a light flour batter and deep-fried into golden perfection, Cracked Conch is a definite Must Eat in The Bahamas and a delicious dish that you’ll be delighted to add to your repertoire of Bahamian recipes!

While the distinguishing feature of the dish is indeed its crispy, yet tender batter, the Cracked Conch name actually originates from the method of tenderizing the meat to make it more malleable. Queen conch is an extremely tough, chewy meat whose texture can only be compared to that of a rubber band if not tenderized properly.

“Cracking” is a method by which the cook pounds the meat with a meat mallet (or a frying pan- the preferred tool of island chefs) until the meat is thin and tender. Once that’s done, they batter the meat and deep-fry the thin strips into golden nuggets of mouth-watering goodness.

Cracked Conch is light and flavourful- it goes well with whichever traditional Bahamian side dish you’re in the mood for. Cracked Conch “dinner” features the conch as the main protein accompanied by Bahamian Peas N’ Rice and your choice of other popular sides such as Baked Macaroni and Cheese, potato salad, sweet plantains, and coleslaw.

Bahamian Cracked Conch is also a close friend of French Fries and, when combined, the two are known as a “snack” on menus. Commonly, the conch/fries duo is served with a hefty slather of ketchup and hot sauce along with a roll of delicious Island Sweet Bread. Be sure to not be fooled by the term Bahamian “snacks” however- these plates feature the conch in just the same amounts as when you order the full “dinner” (just minus the side dishes).

Popular on Nassau menus, Cracked Conch is also consumed in smaller portions- as a delightful appetizer, served with fresh lime juice and goat pepper sauce, and even smothered in tartar sauce atop fresh garden greens in some restaurants. Cracked Conch Burgers feature strips of cracked conch nestled between the two slices of a sweet homemade bun along with raw onions, cheese, and dripping with ketchup!

According to trubahamianfoodtours.com

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