Special cuisine around the world (P.25) - Moroccan Stuffed Fried Sardines with Chermoula: The specialty dish associated with the country's sardines export industry


(WorldKings.org) Moroccan stuffed fried sardines are one of the most classic examples of Moroccan street food. Butterflied sardine filets are sandwiched together with a generous layer of chermoula. They’re then rubbed with more chermoula, dipped in flour and pan-fried.

Morocco is a leading exporter of sardines. Within Morocco, sardines are a poor man’s food as much as they are for the rich. They’re an important component of the Moroccan diet, especially in coastal cities. In non-coastal areas, you can still find them sold as street food, but perhaps only on limited days.

Moroccan stuffed fried sardines are given a romantic name due to the genius way they’re coupled, or sandwiched together. They are called sardine mzeouej (married) or machrouk (in association) or ashiq we ma’ashuk (lovers). They’re usually served as part of starters or alongside cooked pulses and fresh salads to make a complete lunch.

Freshly caught small sardines are ideal for this recipe. You can sandwich them together or fold a single sardine filet in half after you fill the cavity with chermoula.

Chermoula is a thick marinade for fish, and the foundation of many Moroccan and North African fish dishes. Although each country has its version of chermoula, and there are several variations, the taste is always very similar. In the classic version, the ubiquitous chermoula is a mixture of cilantro, cumin, parsley, garlic, paprika, lemon and olive oil. Some add turmeric and chili to the marinade for a spicy and colored result.

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