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(WorldKings.org) Apple pie is an unofficial symbol of the United States and one of its signature comfort foods.

An apple pie is a pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apple, which originated in England. It is often served with whipped cream, ice cream, or cheddar cheese. It is generally double-crusted, with pastry both above and below the filling; the upper crust may be solid or latticed (woven of crosswise strips).

Apple pie can be made with many different sorts of apples. The fruit for the pie can be fresh, canned, or reconstituted from dried apples. Dried or preserved apples were originally substituted only at times when fresh fruit was unavailable. The filling generally includes sugar, butter, and cinnamon, sometimes also lemon juice or nutmeg; many older recipes call for honey in place of the then-expensive sugar.

Apple pie is often served à la mode, that is, topped with ice cream. In another serving style, a piece of sharp cheddar cheese is placed on top of or alongside a slice of the finished pie. Apple pie with cheddar is popular in the American Midwest and New England, particularly in Vermont, where it is considered the state dish.

Although eaten in Europe since long before the European colonization of the Americas, apple pie as used in the phrase "as American as apple pie" describes something as being "typically American". In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, apple pie became a symbol of American prosperity and national pride. In the early 1920s, the dish found its way into literary works, and by the 1940s, ‘as American as apple pie’ was coined as an expression of patriotism. While apple pie may not be ‘American,’ its roots in the nation’s history has been intricately woven into its cultural fabric.

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