Memo X: The Ultimate Sticky Note Solution


Memo X is revolutionizing the way we use sticky notes, offering a simple yet innovative solution to capture ideas and repurpose documents effortlessly. With Memo X, transforming an A4 sheet into 12 handy sticky notes has never been easier, allowing you to give outdated paperwork a second chance and contribute to a sustainable cause.

Designed after countless tests and tweaks, Memo X produces sticky notes that can be removed and stuck over 20 times, ensuring you never miss a beat with your ever-flowing ideas. What sets Memo X apart is its versatility; you can adjust the cutting size to create notes for various occasions, eliminating limitations to your desk space.

With Memo X, customization is key. The device's largest size, 70mm*74mm, is perfect for typical sticky memos, while different paper patterns add variety to suit various daily tasks, from to-do lists to item tagging. Moreover, Memo X offers medium-sized memos, ideal for tagging items and making organization a breeze.

But Memo X isn't just limited to standard sticky notes; it serves multiple purposes. Whether you need label stickers as bookmarks or marking points, Memo X has you covered with its repeated use trait, ensuring your paperwork remains intact after use.

What truly sets Memo X apart is its adaptability to any paper, not just waste documents. From unique gift wraps to textured art paper, Memo X transforms them into a canvas for your crafty journal, making your artwork inspire and evolve with ease.

The convenience of Memo X doesn't stop there. By gently pressing the sides of the upper part, it can be separated into a stamp tape dispenser and a portable cutter, providing versatility for various aspects of daily life. The safety switch ensures user-friendliness, making Memo X suitable for both office and family use.

Developed over 18 months with extensive testing and over 50 versions of prototypes, Memo X guarantees quality and functionality. From pairing different factors such as glue types to conducting hundreds of tests for adhesive strength, Memo X ensures a seamless memo-making experience that meets your needs.

In conclusion, Memo X is not just a sticky note solution; it's a game-changer in the world of office supplies. With its innovative design, versatility, and sustainability, Memo X is set to revolutionize the way we capture ideas and organize our daily tasks.

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