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( CLOMP, an innovative wearable and non-invasive device that transforms your running experience forever. CLOMP measures your muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) in real-time, providing you with tailored running plans based on your unique physiological data.

CLOMP is designed to help you reach your fitness goals more effectively by understanding your body's unique responses to exercise.

CLOMP uses medical-grade fNIRS (Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) to measure your muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) levels through a 30-minute Run Level Test (without invasive blood tests) to determine your Training Zones (Zone 1, 2 or 3) — different intensity levels used to guide and optimize workouts based on your running pace.

It pinpoints the sweet spot where your body primarily burns fat for energy. With CLOMP's insights into your muscle performance across low, average, and high-intensity running, you get a clear picture of how your body responds to different efforts.

CLOMP revolutionizes your training methodology by meticulously measuring your workout intensity based on your blood lactate concentration, a critical indicator of fatigue.

Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, the CLOMP app gives you full access to muscle oxygen data, running results, and your progress over time.

The CLOMP app provides you with detailed analytics, including your calorie burn rate, average heart rate, performance score, and of course, oxygen levels. This combination of tech and optimal fitness performance offers a cutting-edge approach to your personal running journey.

Based on your unique run-level test data, CLOMP calculates your optimal pace to burn fat most effectively. It provides real-time data on your Fat Burn Ratio, Optimum Fat Burn Speed, and the amount of Fat Burn in grams during each workout. This data, down to the gram, informs you precisely how much fat you've burnt during your workout.

With CLOMP, your fitness journey becomes a science. It guides you to transform your body into a highly efficient machine with enhanced fat-burn capability. This not only helps you run longer miles but also increases your endurance and overall health. Let CLOMP be your partner in achieving a leaner, fitter, and healthier you.

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