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(worldkings.org) Endless sands, a debilitating heat, occasionally running through lizards, branches of trees carried by the wind, and dry plants are typical for these places. What interesting things you can see in a desert? These are top 5 weirdest deserts on the Earth.

1.Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil



One of the most unusual deserts in the world is Lencois Maranhenses located in Brazil. This desert is located in the state of Maranhao. This place differs with an abundance of picturesque lagoons and ponds with crystal clear water. Rain falls here quite frequently. Water accumulates in cracks and bowls and forms a landscape of incredible beauty. Against the backdrop of snow-white sand dunes, lagoons and lakes of sky-blue color look just amazing. Many travelers come to these amazing places just to swim in the lake and sunbathe, lying on the soft white sand.

In addition to the fabulous lagoon, the desert is famous for its chic white sand dunes, which reach heights of 40 meters. It is surprising that at a fairly large amount of precipitation that falls over the year, Lencois Maranhenses Desert is almost completely devoid of the vegetation. Tourists are offered to take part in great tours along the desert; rides are typically off-road. During the tour, travelers certainly have an opportunity to see the endless desert, admire the pond with fish, and swim in the beautiful lagoon.

2. Black Desert, Egypt



Black Desert, EgyptIn Egypt, travelers will have an opportunity to visit one of the most unusual sandy regions in the world, the Black Desert. It was forming through thousands of years by volcanic activity that took place in the area. Now, the desert is strewn with black stones of hardened lava. In some places, you can see majestic hills covered with black stones. Other parts are large plains with lands of orange to brown color.

3. Painted Desert, USA



Painted Desert, USAA desert, which is able to impress with its unique appearance, can be found in the United States. The Painted Desert is located in Arizona. It owes its name to a special type of soil that forms an unusual landscape in this area. Over millions of years, the erosion has been actively proceeding in soil. That’s a reason why the ground acquired a variety of shades, from pale yellow to deep red.

4. Taklimakan Desert, China



Taklimakan Desert, ChinaOne of the largest sandy deserts of the world is in China. Taklimakan occupies an area of ​​about 270 000 square km. The length of this desert is 1 000 km and a width is 400 km. However, this desert is attractive not only for its impressive scale, but also because of the incredible snowy landscape. Despite the arid climate, it sometimes snows in the desert. Golden dunes covered with dazzling white snow look just amazing.

5. Carcross Desert, Canada



Carcross Desert, CanadaThe Carcross Desert, which is officially the smallest in the world, is situated in Canada, Yukon. Its area is only 2.6 square km. You can walk around the whole area of ​​the real desert in a couple of hours. Despite its modest scale, the Carcross Desert has all the features typical for larger deserts. Over millions of years, spectacular sand dunes formed under the influence of the dry climate and winds. The sparse vegetation conforms to generally accepted notions of the wilderness.

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