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(WorldKings.org) Although lighthouses aren’t still important as far as marine navigation is concerned, contemporarily there are many marine lighthouses that can be rated as being the world’s amazing lighthouses, not to mention the world’s tallest and biggest. This is top 5 tallest lighthouses in the world.

1. Lighthouse of Jeddah



The city of Jeddah has world-wide acclaim as a port city in the otherwise arid Saudi Arabia. The lighthouse of Jeddah is the tallest lighthouse and the first in this list of amazing lighthouses in the world at a staggering 436 feet. Unlike conventional lighthouses, the Jeddah lighthouse acts as a control room for the city’s port and harbour.

2. Yokohama Tower



Located in the Japanese province, the Yokohama Marine Tower was built as a centenary memorial for the port of Yokohama in 1961. At present, amongst the world’s biggest lighthouses, the Yokohama Tower ranks second at 348 feet. Initially, while the lighthouse’s flash-lighting colours used to interchange in red and green, presently, the flash lights are white in colour.

3. The Lighthouse of Genoa



Referred in Italian as the ‘La Lanterna’, the lighthouse is located in the Genoese province of Italy. Measuring 253 feet, the lighthouse was built as far back dating the early 12th century, according to sources. Extensive redevelopment activities were carried out in the years ’95 and ‘04 to ensure the lighthouse’s functionality. The La Lanterna is the biggest lighthouse in the country of Italy.

4. Pointe de Barfleur Light



The Pointe de Barfleur Light is built in the Manche section of Barfleur in the Normandy province of France. Anglicised as the Pointe de Barfleur Light, the lighthouse’s French title is the Phare de Gatteville. The lighthouse measures 247 feet and is the third tallest lighthouse in the world.

5. Punta Penna Lighthouse



The second-biggest lighthouse in Italy, the Punta Penna lighthouse, featuring fifth in this list of tallest lighthouses in the world, is located in the province of Abruzzo. The lighthouse is a vital presence in the harbour of Vatso and measures 230 feet.

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