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(worldkings.org) These five sneakers are laying the foundation for the future of sneaker technology.



1. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Think of this sneaker as the grandson to the highly coveted Back to the Future Sneaker, the Nike MAGs, which will be discussed further down the list. These simply designed sneakers have the ability to lace themselves, contorting to a wearer's precise comfort needs. Created by the famed Tinker Hatfield, the Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing technology took over 20+ years to perfect.

The battery-powered shoe includes an LED midsole that lights up as you put on the shoe, indicator lights as well as the classic Nike logo. Nike’s E.A.R.L, or Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing, is what makes the self-lacing shoes possible. The shoe electronically adjusts to the pressure generated by your feet and contours to your foot.

The eventual goal of Hatfield and Nike is to have a shoe that is constantly sensing your movement throughout and most importantly while you are playing sports, adjusting to every step you take for maximum performance.

2. Adidas Futurecraft 4D

The Futurecraft 4D embodies how efficient 3D printing cand not only help with manufacturing of a footwear but how it can change it for the better. Utilizing the innovative process of Digital Light Synthesis technology, created by tech company Carbon, Adidas created sneakers that are aesthetically appealing and are built for performance.

This cost-effective 3D printing method of Digital Light Synthesis creates soles for the Adidas' shoes that are based on almost 20 years of athlete data allowing the shoe to be “precisely tuned for controlled energy return, long-lasting cushioning…”

3. Under Armour ArchiTech

One of the first companies to utilize 3D printed technology, Under Armour has been working hard to perfect how sneakers can benefit from this technology. The Under Armour ArchiTecht is created with a compression and mesh lacing system. The dynamic lattice network support maximizes an athlete's performance, giving them the support and the stability to take on anything thrown at them.

4. ShiftWear

The ShiftWear sneaker is one of the more unique sneakers on the list. The ShiftWear is a sneaker that can display almost any custom design you can think of on its surface. Built with a flexible HD color display on the rear of the outer panel of the sneaker, the sneaker connects wirelessly with your smartphone. Utilizing your device you can customize the appearance of your shoes. immediately, with any image or design, you like. The ShiftWear sneakers can even be charged wirelessly.

5. Adidas Speedfactory AM4LDN

Though some of the technology involved in the AM4LDN is not completely new the means of creating the shoes is a breakthrough for the industry. The Adidas AM4LDN showcases how the company will be able to create sneakers almost instantly to fit the specific needs of athletes; the ultimate custom fit.

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