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(WorldKings.org) Newspapers have been a way for the world to be connected to and keep up to date on current events all around the globe. Here’s a list of the 5 oldest newspapers ever published!

1. Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien



This mouthful of a newspaper is officially recognized as the world’s oldest newspaper to have ever been printed. This honour is not only given to the Relation by multiple authors, but by the World Association of Newspapers as well.

In English, the Relation’s name translates to “Account of all distinguished and commemorable news”. Originally, the paper was thought to have been first published in 1609, but the discovery of the Carolus petition – found in the 1980s in the Strasbourg Municipal Archive – sets that date to 1605.

2. Avisa Relation oder Zeitung



The Avisa was the first known new periodical ever published. In its very first issue, its pages contained news stories from numerous countries all around the world. That issue said all news within it was obtained up till the date of January 15 1609. As such, most experts date the first published issue of the Avisa to January 15, though there is no official date of publication on the issue.

There are some authors that consider the Avisa to be the world’s first newspaper. However, newer research dated from the 1980s up to 2005 would suggest that another publication preceded it.

3. Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt, &c.



The Courante was the first ever Dutch newspaper, and also considered the world’s first broadsheet newspaper, being the earliest to be published in folio instead of quarto size. The paper, whose title translates to “Current events from Italy, Germany, etc”, featured news stories from Venice, Cologne and Prague.

The Courante was published weekly. No official date could be found on the paper, nor official information about its printer or publisher, but due to the content of its pages, it’s estimated that the newspaper was published between the 14th and 18th of June 1618. The paper ceased operations in 1664.

4. Nieuwe Tijdinghen



Translated as the Antwerp Gazette, there was no actual name for this newspaper, which was the first Flemish newspaper to ever be published. The name we’re using is the name it was given by cataloguers. The news featured in the Antwerp Gazette was sourced from Western and Central Europe and covered a wide variety of general news, often including satirical columns, prayers, celebrity news, and ever songs and verses. Each paper carried at least one woodcut illustration.

5. La Gazette



Not only was La Gazette the first French newspaper, it was also the first weekly magazine published in France. It quickly rose to being widely read, making it a useful tool for controlling the information facilitated to the public, especially in such a centralized state. The paper soon became a mouthpiece of the Legitimists, a Royalist faction, and saw regular contributions from high profile individuals like Cardinal Richelieu and Louis XIII. Its readers were mainly the elite upper class until the revolution.

La Gazette focused on political news, and in 1762, became known as the Gazette de France, subtitled “Organe officiel du Government royal”, which translates to “Official organ of the royal Government”. The newspaper lasted an impressive amount of time before closing publications in 1915 due to the modernization of news media.

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