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(WorldKings.org) When you visit to Japan, it is not difficult to find Japanese cosmetics in drugstores. Cosmetic products are released every season to create new Japanese’s fashion trends and lifestyle. This is top 5 must-buy Japanese cosmetic brands.

1. Canmake



Canmake Tokyo is one of the top selling makeup products in Japan. If you like vivid color cosmetic with great pigmentation, Canmake is the good choice for you. The price is cheap but good quality. I am highly recommend their Cream Cheek Blush products because of the formula is so creamy soft to the touch and easy to blend on your cheek. You will look so radiant throughout the day. Therefore, Cream Cheek Blush is popular abroad and even used by many beauty gurus. 

2.Oshima Tsubaki



Oshima Tsubaki offers a hair care line, famous of which is the Tsubaki oil. It naturally restores that moisture and shine to damaged hair. Containing oleic acids, Tsubaki oil nourishes dry hair, treats split ends, and gives life to dull hair. However, the oil must be used in moderation, as it is thick and viscous that could weigh hair down if used in excessive amounts. 




K-Palette is well-known cosmetic brand in Japan. If you want a long-lasting eyeliner, K-Palette’s Lasting Two Way Liquid Eyebrow and Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h would fit you. They specialize in long lasting make up eye products. It’s pigmented and high water-resistant polymer to avoid smudge eyeliner withstands sweat and water. 

 4. Cezanne




Widely available in drugstores all over Japan, Cezanne make up products are of high quality at a low price. They offer a good selection of makeup products for the eyes, lips, and face, as well as nail products. As a company, Cezanne commits to be kind to the earth, kind to customers, and kind to the skin.

5.Majolica Majorca



Majolica Majorca is a cosmetics brand from Japan's Shiseido to seize younger women market. Its products are formulated with high quality ingredients and unique packaging to fulfill all young women. Pure Pure Kiss Lipstick, Open Your Eyes eye shadow and Lash Expander Liquid Extensions was released in summer 2017. 


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