[WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy - Top 5 most thrilling pandemic movies in the world


(worldkings.org) It may feel like we're living in an alternate reality. Here's how the state of our world stacks up against imaginary ones.

1.Train to Busan



As if traveling during a pandemic isn’t scary enough, this South Korean thriller will have you considering some extra protection along with that mask and face shield. When a father and daughter board a train to visit her mother in Busan, they quickly learn that the outside world is being overrun by a zombie outbreak.

2. 28 Days Later

Directed by Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later is a post-apocalyptic thriller following a virus outbreak called the “Rage” virus, which becomes widespread after a group of London animal activists set an infected chimpanzee loose from a research lab. When a bike messenger awakens from a coma to find his city nearly deserted, he must locate his fellow survivors while avoiding zombie-like victims on their path to safety.

3. Contagion

As if the Goop guru would ever let a case of severe jet lag go ignored, Gwyneth Paltrow stars as a woman who comes down with a mysterious illness upon returning from her business trip and soon dies. It soon becomes evident that she is not the only one to be infected, as a global pandemic breaks out and pushes humanity to the brink of collapse.

4. World War Z

There are seemingly infinite zombie apocalypse movies, but not all of those nightmare scenarios begin with a zombie virus pandemic. World War Z does, and it also stars Brad Pitt (definite bonus points). The actor plays a former United Nations investigator trudging through a zombie-filled, disease-laden landscape in search of a cure.

5. Outbreak

Now 25 years old, Outbreak still poses a conflict of modern relevance, as a team of doctors works to prevent the spread of an Ebola-like virus outbreak. What they quickly realize, though, is that some of their colleagues who are supposedly working towards the same cause might have ulterior motives. The film boasts a star-studded cast, including Cuba Gooding, Jr., Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, and Rene Russo.

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