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(worldkings.org) For today's Generation Z workforce, endless job possibilities exist. When their grandparents were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", their answers didn't vary much. Teacher. Doctor. Firefighter. Careers along those lines. But thanks to technological advancements in everything from streaming services to solar power, Gen Zers have a lot more jobs open to them.



1. Film and Video Editors

2020 Median Pay: $67,250

Projected Job Growth, 2020-30: 33%

The movie industry was virtually shut down during the pandemic, with the U.S. box office losing $5 billion in 2020, Forbes reported. But like theatrical production, filmmaking appears to be finding its footing again if the projected job growth is an accurate indicator. Film and video editors typically hold a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, film or a related field. Many colleges today offer degrees in cinematography and video production.

2. Information Security Analysts

2020 Median Pay: $103,590

Projected Job Growth, 2020-30: 33%

As threats of cyberattacks increase, so does the need for information security analysts. Their responsibility is to protect the computer systems and networks for organizations of all sizes. Information security analysts typically will have a bachelor’s degree in computer science pr programming, information assurance or a related field, and some jobs also will require successful applicants to hold an MBA in information systems. A variety of certificates in information systems also are available.

3. Statisticians

2020 Median Pay: $92,270

Projected Job Growth, 2020-30: 35%

At 35%, the growth rate for statisticians is significantly higher than the national average, but it’s not a job for everyone. Statisticians’ duties straddle both math and science, and they could partner on projects with everyone from engineers to government analysts. Statisticians collect data, and they do so after determining sample type and size by designing surveys, polls or experiments that will provide targeted results. They also conduct tests to review the validity of the data. The results often are used by education, healthcare and government agencies, as well as for research and development.

4. Occupational Therapy Assistants

2020 Median Pay: $62,940

Projected Job Growth, 2020-30: 36%

Working in conjunction with an occupational therapist, an OT assistant works with patients who need help to improve or recover the skills they need for everyday life. They often find jobs in the practice of an occupational therapist, in a nursing facility or a hospital. States set the rules and regulations for occupational therapy assistants, but typically, they need a two-year degree from an accredited program. High school courses in biology or healthcare are good primers before entering an OT assistant program.

5. Makeup Artist, Theatrical and Performance

2020 Median Pay: $106,920

Projected Job Growth, 2020-30: 37%

Broadway and other theaters went dark for many months because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the performing arts are back – and apparently so are the jobs. Makeup artists who work on theatrical performances earn a median salary in excess of $100,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their job involves a great attention to detail, knowledge of cosmetics, the study of production details and, finally, a steady hand. Artists use makeup to either enhance of change the appearance of actors, making sure to select products that will not irritate the performers’ skin. The job requires the ability to recreate the same appearance every day, whether for another day of shooting a movie or for nightly theatrical performances.

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