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(worldkings.org) Ice caves are the amazing wonders of nature, hiding under the glaciers. Many tours to the glaciers include visiting the caves. Some caves are not open for everyone, since they are difficult to navigate. However, many of them were discovered by the fearless adventurers. If you are going to visit any ice cave that is not monitored by any tourist service, you have to remember that it may collapse any time, so be extra careful.

1. Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina



With the third-largest frosted network of ice, Los Glaciares National Park is a spot certified by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves form long white icicles protruding from the floor and ceiling. If you look for adventure wherever you go, then this is the place.

2. Eisriesenwelt, Austria



Translated as the ‘world of ice giants’, Eisriesenwelt, situated in the Austrian Alps is considered to be a laudably big cave that is almost 42kms long. It is considered to be the largest ice cave in the world. The puzzle of ice caverns and chambers is easily accessible, albeit it is open from May to October only.

3. Dobšinská Ice Cave, Slovakia



This cave has stood the test of time over millions of crass and cool years. Crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dobšinská Ice Cave is believed to have survived both glacial and tropical climates. Open from May to September, it has a ginormously thick load of ice.

4. Kamchatka Ice Cave, Russia

Located on the Kamchatka Peninsula, this cave is also considered to be a wonder of fire and ice. The ice chamber was formed by a hot water spring flowing beneath the glacial ice fields on the flanks of the Mutnovsky volcano. The sobbing roof of the cave illuminates into a beautiful golden shade with sly peeping of the sun.

5. Mer de Glace, Chamonix, France

Ice frozen on the Mont Blanc massif forms a glacial hollow that leads you into an icy wonder of sculptures iridescent like crystals. A cog train ride takes you here and a further climb down 400 steps will bring you to this ‘sea of ice’. This is a man-made wonder and has to be rebuilt every year due to glacier shifting.

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