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(WorldKings.org) For people who love chocolate and love travel, what could be better than a chocolate museum. This is top 5 most attractive chocolate museums in the world.

1. Lindt Home of Chocolate



In an impressive new building designed by star architects Christ & Gantenbein, the Lindt Home of Chocolate welcomes chocolate lovers from all over the world to Kilchberg on Lake Zurich.

An interactive multimedia exhibition guides visitors through seven different chocolate worlds, which appeal to all the senses. From the cultivation of cocoa to the history of chocolate through to tasting the top-quality Swiss chocolate – here you can find out everything you need to know on the subject. In addition, interested visitors can view the latest production and automation technologies at a show production facility.

In the ultra-modern Lindt café, guests are treated to delicious home-made waffle and chocolate specialties and have a great view of the spectacular 9 meter (30ft) tall chocolate fountain.

2. Museum of chocolate secrets in Zhespolsem, France



This museum consists of several thematic halls. In one of the halls there is an exposition that tells the story of the origin of chocolate, as well as the mysteries of its manufacture. In the showroom, visitors can see the process of making chocolate masterpieces.

3. Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany



On the waterfront of the River Rhine is a museum that resembles a huge ship, in the glass cabin of which is made chocolate. Visitors can visually see how they create Santa Clauses or traditional Easter hares. The Cologne museum also has a greenhouse with tropical plants. The main attraction of the museum is an unrivaled three-meter chocolate fountain.

4. "The Amazing World of Panny Chocolate" at the Phillip Island chocolate factory, Victoria Island, Canada



The chocolate factory Phillip Island from Belgian chocolate makes incredibly tasty handmade sweets. Not so long ago at the factory it was decided to open a museum, which was called "The Amazing World of Chocolate Panny". The main feature of this museum is that its visitors can act as confectioners and come up with their own design of sweets.

5. Chocolate Museum in Bruges, Belgium



Belgian chocolate for many years is considered one of the best in the world, because it was invented by Belgium praline. Bruges is considered the center of chocolate delicacy, because it is the annual Choco-Laté chocolate festival that takes place in it. The world famous "Choco-Story" is located in the 17th century castle building. In the museum you can see numerous chocolate masterpieces, which amaze the imagination.

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