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(worldkings.org) They will leave you in awe and wonder with a true appreciation of innovative contemporary art.

1. Fête des Lumières – Lyon, France



Though Paris may be known as the City of Light (La Ville-Lumière), the French city of Lyon can certainly give it a good run for its money! Over 70 light installations and fireworks displays are littered throughout the city during Fête des Lumières, with seemingly every building, street, square, park and corner illuminated with colorful light. The centerpiece of the festival is located at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, which is seemingly basked with lights of almost every colorful hue. The festival runs from December 7-10, 2017.

2. Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival – Taipei, Taiwan



For a truly unforgettable experience, nothing can quite prepare you for the breathtaking view of several hundreds of thousands of candle-lit paper lanterns floating across the night sky in quiet harmony. Originally the release of lighted lanterns into the night sky is an old tradition that let people from surrounding areas know that the town was safe. Today, Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is an annual event celebrating peace and goodness. Known locally as “Fireworks of the South” or “Sky Lanterns in the North,” tens of thousands of festivalgoers gather each year in early March to write messages of personal wishes and dreams and releasing them into the night sky. Somewhere between an estimated 100,000 and 200,000 paper lanterns are released during the three-day event.

3. Festival of Lights – Berlin, Germany



One of Europe’s best light festivals has be the Festival of Lights in Berlin, Germany. Key landmarks throughout Berlin—including the Siegessäule, Reichstag, Tempelhof airport, Berliner Dom and many other city sites—are honored with bright colors and radiant patterns. The festival is produced by a group of artists known as Guardians of Time and led by Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer. Artists, garbed as monks, are known to walk throughout the city in neon-lighted costumes. The mystic origins of the festival derive from the belief that humankind has always had protectors from time immemorial and light is seen as a way to express this protection.

4. Vivid Festival – Sydney, Australia



Welcome to Vivid Festival, Sydney’s premier winter event. During the festival, the entire city—including iconic landmarks, such as Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge—is awash with beautiful light art that is dazzling to behold. There are over 90 installations and projections throughout the city, produced by some of the world’s leading light artists, not to mention there’s a plethora of musical performances, talks and many other events as well. The festival takes place every year in July, during Australia’s winter season.

5. Amsterdam Light Festival – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Light Festival is a wonderful wintertime festival that is simply breathtaking to behold. For a period of 50 days, Amsterdam is awash with beautiful light sculptures, art projections and contemporary art installations featured on display by international artists throughout the city. The focus of the festival is all about sustainability and innovation, along with promoting high tech lighting design and interactive installations. And don’t forget to take a boat ride on Amsterdam’s famous canals to view brilliant artworks displayed all along the walls of the waterways.

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