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(WorldKings.org) According to Bizvibe, this is top 5 largest fishing companies in the world.

1. Maruha Nichiro – Japan



Maruha Nichiro is a Japan-based holding company principally engaged in fishing and marine product business, well acknowledged as one of the world’s largest fishing companies. It’s main business segments include The Marine Product, The Food Product, The Storage and Distribution, and The Others segment involving in the storage of feed, the marine transportation business, the leasing of real estate, the hotel business, the manufacture and sale of packaging machines. By far, Maruha Nichiro has over 126 subsidiaries and 70 associated companies in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and other countries.

2. Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) – Japan



Nippon Suisan Kaisha is another world’s largest fishing companies based in Japan. Its core operations are carried out through the several main segments, including Marine Products, Food Products, Fine Chemicals, Logistics, and Others. It’s also a world’s leader in the fishing, cultivation, purchase, processing, and sale of seafood products. The Food Products segment covers the production and sale of frozen food, shelf-stable food, and other processed food. The Fine Chemicals segment manages the production and sale of inspection reagents and general medicines. The Logistics segment provides cold storage, freezing and transportation services. The Others segment includes repair and engineering services for ships and vessels.

3. Thai Union Group – Thailand



Thai Union Group Public Co. Ltd. is a leading seafood company mainly engaged in the fishing, manufacture and sale of frozen, chilled, and canned seafood. It operates through the following business segments: Ambient Seafood; Frozen and Chilled Seafood and Related Business; and Pet Food, Value-Added, and Other. The Ambient Seafood segment includes tuna, sardine, salmon, specialty seafood, and pelagic fishes. The Frozen and Chilled Seafood and Related Business segment comprises of seafood items that are sold directly to restaurants, hotels, and food catering units as ingredients for further processing at kitchens. The Pet Food, Value-Added, and Other segment offers pet care, seafood, non-seafood, sub-materials, and sales of scrap. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Samut Sakhon, Thailand.

4. Mowi (Marine Harvest) – Norway



Mowi, formerly known as Marine Harvest ASA is a Norwegian fishing and seafood company with operations in a number of countries around the world. The company’s main business is fish farming, primarily salmon, the operations of which are focused on Norway, Scotland, Canada, the Faroe Islands, Ireland and Chile. Mowi represents over 30% share of the global salmon and trout market, making it one of the leading companies in the global fishing and seafood industry.

5. Mitsubishi Corporation – Japan



Mitsubishi Corporation is a globally integrated company with ten business groups consisting of over 1,400 subsidiaries and affiliates that span across 90 countries. All of Mitsubishi’s seafood activities sit under its food industry group, with its most prominent subsidiaries being Norwegian aquaculture company Cermaq, British tuna processor Princes Group and Japanese seafood wholesaler Toyo Reizo.

According to bizvibe.com

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