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(WorldKings.org) The future is now in terms of 3D printing technology! 3D printers can be manufactured to work with a variety of different materials, making their potential applications nearly endless. This is top 5 largest 3D printers in the world.

1. Winsun



The Winsun 3D printer is the largest 3D printer in the world. The company, known as Winsun in China and Yingchuang Building Technique throughout much of the world, states that its 3D printer can print out an entire standard-sized house for the cost of approximately $4,800 in a single day! However, there has been a fair amount of debate and controversy over whether the technology was ethically developed and some people claim that stolen patents were used to formulate Winsun’s 3D printer.

2. BetAbram P1



Slovenian company BetAbram is said to be one of the key pioneers in terms of 3D printing houses, and the P1 is specifically engineered for the purpose of printing houses. This printer uses the reliable binder jetting process to produce a material that’s extremely comparable to concrete, making it perfectly suited to printing out architectural elements that are structurally sound. The printer also utilizes two different nozzles for different types of prints.

3. Sciaky EBAM 300



The titanium thread that’s melted for the printing process for the massive Sciaky EBAM 300 is 3 mm thick! This 3D printer is primarily used to repair and manufacture high-performance industrial parts. The Sciaky company launched its EBAM project in 2009 with the goal of streamlining and simplifying the manufacturing process in order to save industrial companies time and money.

4. Cincinnati Incorporated BAAM (BAAM CI)



This printer is known for being able to 3D print plastic industrial parts that are strong enough to bend metal, as well as for printing an entire life-size car! The BAAM CI has also been used to produce a wide variety of other scale models, such as models of the Orion spacecraft and the F-22 Raptor. This 3D printer’s method of using thermoplastics for its prints makes the process unusually low-cost, considering the size of the final products.

5. KamerMaker



DUS Architects advertises the KamerMaker as “The World’s first portable large-scale 3D printer” and has won numerous awards for its innovative achievements. This printer was also the first one to build an entire house on the canal in Amsterdam while making use of RepRap FFF-type technology. And, just in case one incredible 3D printer wasn’t enough, a second KamerMaker was created soon afterwards in order to speed up production!

According to largest.org

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