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(worldkings.org) These are the top 5 coolest labs from around the world you should know.

1. Deepest Underground Lab



Travelling at orbital altitudes ranging from 330 to 435 km and at a speed averaging 28,000 km/h, the International Space Station is the most extreme science laboratory.

Deepest Underground Lab: SNOLAB, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, Ontario

Located inside a 2-km-deep nickel mine, it observes deep space phenomena far below the surface of Earth. The lab encompasses 16,404 sq ft of space, while above ground the facility boasts a 10,170 sq ft support building.

2. Largest Particle Physics Lab



CERN, Geneva, Switzerland and France border

The lab of the European Organization for Nuclear Research houses the Large Hadron Collider — in a tunnel 492 ft below the ground that stretches for 27 km, and there are plans to build another tunnel that will be three times this size.

Currently, as many as 10,000 scientists and engineers use the facility.

3. Highest Terrestrial Lab



Pyramid Laboratory, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

High in the Himalayas, in the Sagarmatha National Park, stands a threestorey-high, pyramidshaped lab and observatory. Research extends across subjects. including geology, climate change, environment and human physiology.

4. Deepest Underwater Lab



NOAA Aquarius Reef Base, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

It is the only one of its kind still in operation. Sitting almost 60 ft below the water surface in a marine sanctuary in the Florida Keys, researchers have been studying the ecology of the reef around them. The facilities include six bunks and a bathroom, plus windows onto the watery world outside.

5. Coldest Physics Laboratory



IceCube Neutrino Observatory, Antarctica

This lab is located in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, under a thick layer of ice. Some of the most useful equipment at the forefront of detecting high-energy neutrinos — subatomic particles known to originate from violent astronomical phenomena like exploding stars — are found here.

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