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(worldkings.org) The oceans contain great mysteries within their depths. While many of these mysteries have been explained by scientists and analysts, there are still quite a few unexplained oceanic enigmas that intrigue us. A variety of mysterious ocean phenomena have been seen and experienced by sailors around the world.

1. Milky Sea Phenomenon

Milky Sea refers to the unique milky glow of the waters of the Indian Ocean. The ocean phenomenon occurs on account of bioluminescent bacterial action and in turn, causes the water to turn blue, which appears to the naked eye as being milky white in colour in the darkness. The Milky Sea phenomenon has been documented to be in existence for over four centuries.

2. Bioluminescence



Bioluminescence is the light produced by marine creatures as a defence mechanism. Certain chemicals in the creatures’ body when counteracted with atmospheric oxygen results in the emergence of bioluminescent light.

3. Convergence of Baltic and North Seas

This oceanic phenomenon has been a highly debated topic. The convergent point of the North and the Baltic Seas occurs in the province of Skagen in Denmark. However, because of the differing rates of densities of the seas’ waters, the sea waters continue to remain separate in spite of their convergence. It is said that this ocean phenomenon finds a mention in the holy Quran.

4. Steaming Black Sea



Called as the ‘sea smoke’, the steam arising out of the Black Sea is caused due to the humidity of the oceanic water counteracting with the coolness of the wind over the water’s surface. Apart from explaining the ocean mystery behind the steam rising from the Black Sea, experts have also proved that the phenomenon is quite common to even smaller water bodies.

5. Green Flash



The ocean phenomenon of green flashes occurs during sunset and sunrise. Usually seen for merely a couple of seconds, such green flashes are the result of the natural prismatic effect of the atmosphere of the earth. During sunset and during sunrise, the light cast by the sun gets diverged into multiple colours, which is seen by the emitting of the green flash.

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