[WORLDKINGS] World Top Academy – Top 5 best electric cars to buy 2020


(WorldKings.org) There are more electric cars than ever to choose from so we've picked the top 10 best electric cars you can buy now.

1. Tesla Model 3



The Model 3 was the electric car many had been waiting for. It’s a compact executive saloon rivalling the likes of the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series – a market with broad mainstream appeal – and it’s also one of the most convincing electric cars that money can buy.

It combines minimalist style, space-age technology, grin-inducing performance, cutting-edge charging tech – supported by the expansive and dedicated Tesla Supercharger network – and, most importantly, a  long driving range. The entry-level Standard Range Plus model claims 254 miles on a single charge, but it doesn’t sacrifice performance to achieve this. The electric motor drives the rear wheels and powers the car from 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds, while top speed is 140mph.

2. Kia e-Niro



The Kia e-Niro redefines how much real-world range and family-friendly usability we should now expect from an electric vehicle towards the more affordable end of the price spectrum. For around £35,000, the car’s 64kWh battery pack enables it to comfortably travel 230 miles on a single charge; and further still if you stay off the motorway or around town. A few years ago, that would be the sort of range you’d be expecting from something far pricier, and probably with a Tesla badge on its nose.

3. Jaguar I-Pace



Jaguar is on a roll at the minute with the accomplished XE saloon, practical F-Pace and Porsche 911-rivalling F-Type in its portfolio. The I-Pace however, signals a change of direction from Jaguar. The British firm stole a march on its premium rivals when it launched the I-Pace, 2018’s Auto Express Car of the Year. Two years later, and the likes of Audi and Mercedes have still yet to launch bespoke EVs, rather than cars based on combustion-engined platforms.

4. Kia Soul EV



If you’re after an electric car that stands out from the crowd, then the Soul EV will be just the ticket. Kia’s latest individual creation retains its funky styling, but also incorporates a state-of-the-art powertrain that’s the equal of anything in the Hyundai-Kia line-up.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course, because the Soul gets the same 64kWh battery pack and energy-management system as the e-Niro. That means a quoted range of 280 miles on a single charge, in a car that has space for four adults and a boot capacity of 315 litres. The cabin is smart and functional, and while it includes the odd bit of hard plastic, it’s well screwed together.

5. Huyndai Kona Electric



Until quite recently, an electric car good enough to combine a genuine 300-mile daily-use range with a sub-£30,000 price point seemed an awfully long way off. The Hyundai Kona Electric made it a reality only a couple of years ago, however; quite a coup for its aspiring Korean maker.

By wielding what must be a sizable competitive advantage on battery buying power, Hyundai has delivered this car to the road with a sizable advantage on onboard electrical storage than plenty of the car’s it’s rivalled by in this list. That’s enough for more than 250 miles of range at typical UK motorway speeds, or more than 300 at a slightly slower clip or around town. And, in this car, it comes packaged with much stronger accelerative performance than its nearest rivals. The Kona Electric is quick enough, even, to live with some hot hatchbacks away from the traffic lights.

According to autoexpress.co.uk and autocar.co.uk

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