[WORLDKINGS] World Top 100 Innovative Enterprises (P.12) Israel Eviation (USA): The world's first company successfully build and commercialize electric aircraft


(WorldKings.org) With increasingly alarming environmental pollution, the greenhouse effect accompanied by fine dust forced manufacturers to change to better suit the environment. From there, electric vehicles emerged and quickly gained people's attention. They see it as an alternative from the future, and electric planes are no exception.

Recently, Israel Eviation Corporation has just launched and successfully tested the world's first electric aircraft named Alice - marking an important step forward for the aviation industry in the future.

Eviation proudly presents the Alice as "the world's first all-electric aircraft". It was originally introduced at the Paris Air Show in 2019 but is still technologically incomplete. After four years, it was perfected and put into the first tests - scientists say this is "a slow but sure step" for Alice.

The first flight took place at Grant International Airport, Washington state, USA. The flight lasted for 9 minutes and 3 seconds at an altitude of 1,067m. With a compact design and modern technology, Alice is carrying on her great expectations not only of Israel Eviation but also of the whole world.

That belief is further strengthened when learning that Israel Eviation is a company with more than 8 years in the field of aircraft research and development. Their vision is to create a modern, safe and trend-leading world of aviation.

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