[WORLDKINGS] Traditional clothing from around the world – P38 - Liqui liqui: The traditional outfit emphasizes the strong masculinity of the man in Venezuela


(WorldKings.org) The liqui liqui is the national costume for men in Venezuela. It is also worn in Colombia. It has its origin in the Llanos, a geographical region of South America located in Venezuela and Colombia.



Venezuelan men traditionally wear liqui liqui as the folk costume. This outfit consists of trousers and a jacket. The set can be made from linen, cotton, gabardine, or wool. But the color is mostly light: white, cream, beige, or ecru.

The trousers are full-length and straight-cut. The jacket has long sleeves and a rounded Nehru-style collar (a kind of stand-up collar). The collar is fastened by a chain link similar to a cufflink called “junta”. This collar is the distinctive feature of Venezuelan traditional jacket. The jacket of liqui liqui has 5-6 buttons and up to 4 pockets or no pockets at all.



Male shoes worn with liqui liqui are traditionally alpargatas. These are open-toed sandals with a flexible sole made from jute rope. The upper part of these sandals can be made from cotton or canvas. Such shoes are typical for several South American countries.



Venezuelan traditional hat is also called “llanero hat” (llanero means “cowboy”). It is a starched cowboy hat. Similar headgears are typical for Latin America and even for southern regions of US.



Due to the style of the collar, there are two theories about the origins of the liqui liqui. In first, it is thought that it originated in the Philippines. The second and more accepted version, says that the liqui liqui is a derivative of the colonial-era soldier uniform, whose jacket called a liquette had a similar shape – and liquette and liqui liqui are closely related words.

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