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(Worldkings.org) Lederhosen are short or knee-length leather breeches that are worn as traditional garments in some regions of German-speaking countries, inclusing Austria. The longer ones are generally called Bundhosen or Kniebundhosen.



Lederhosen are a common piece of clothing in Austria, Bavaria and other parts of the eastern Alps. The most important area for the production of high-end lederhosen is the Salzkammergut. Lederhosen come in two variations: A short one that ends above the knees and a longer one, the "Kniebundhose" that ends underneath the knee. The former one was traditionally used for hunting and working, the slightly longer Kniebundhose was a more formal one for holidays.



The popularity of lederhosen in Bavaria dropped sharply in the 19th century. They began to be considered as uncultured peasants' clothing that was not fitting for modern city-dwellers. However, in the 1880s a resurgence set in, and several clubs were founded in Munich and other large cities devoted to preserving traditional rural clothing styles. The conception of lederhosen as a quintessentially Bavarian garment that is worn at festive occasions rather than at work dates largely from this time.



Lederhosen have remained regionally popular and are popularly associated with virility and brawn.[ Some men wear them when gardening, hiking, working outdoors or attending folk festivals or beer gardens. They are a symbol of regional pride in Bavaria and the other areas where they are worn but are rarely seen elsewhere.

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