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(WorldKings.org) The China Poblana is considered a traditional dress that women in Mexico wear, especially in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

The city of Puebla is where the Battle of Puebla occurred on May 5, 1862, when the Mexican army declared victory over the French.

There are a variety of stories that explain the origin of the China Poblana. One of the most popular legends is of a princess from India named Mirnha. It is said that Mirnha was taken by pirates and bought by Spaniards once she arrived to the city of Puebla. The people of Puebla gave Mirhna the nickname "china."



"China" was a term used for people of Asian descent or have some traits. Mirhna was the first woman to come from a different ethnicity, but the people of Puebla still called her "china" even if she was Hindu.

Eventually, the Sosa de Puebla family bought Mirhna and changed her name to Catarina de San Juan.



As time progressed Catarina de San Juan became popular because she was unique compared to the other women. She inspired the women of Puebla to mix and match Hindu styles with indigenous clothing, resulting in the making of the China Poblana dress.



The traditional dress of China Poblana consists of a highly decorated shawl, blouse and slippers. The typical short-sleeve blouse is embroidered with bright sequins, the slippers are covered in a green or red silk and the skirt has two sections: the upper part of the dress is also decorated in a green silk and the lower part is usually embroidered with flowers, birds and/or butterflies. The China Poblana is a tradition in legacies to many Mexicans.

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