[WORLDKINGS] Top attractive culinary destinations in the world – P5 – CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Singapore): A place to create a special delicious taste for Hokkaido Snow Beef steak


(WorldKings.org) CUT by Wolfgang Puck is one of the best steak restaurants in Singapore. Since opening at Marina Bay Sands in 2010, it has scored numerous awards, plus 3 Michelin stars - it’s difficult to argue against the fact that celebrity chef and owner Wolfgang Puck knows a thing or two about how to cook a good steak.

His Singapore outpost became famous for serving up some of the rarest varieties of beef from around the world – all cooked to absolute perfection. In 2014, CUT by Wolfgang Puck became the first-ever restaurant outside Japan to serve the ultra-exclusive Hokkaido Snow Beef... but at a cost (at that time about S$250 for 170 g).



With a Beef Marbling Score of 10 and above, the Hokkaido Snow Beef has a delicate meat texture with marbling so fine that it resembles snowflakes. The cattle are raised at a private reserve named Uenae Lake Farm in Hokkaido which only harvests two heads each month to ensure the highest quality of beef. CUT at Marina Bay Sands is the only restaurant outside of Hokkaido to receive this rare beef.



Most varieties are available in all the usual cuts, such as ribeye, tenderloin, T-bone, sirloin, rump, and fillet, and it is highly recommended not to order your steak anything over medium rare. With such a huge emphasis on the beef, you might be fooled into thinking CUT is only about the steaks... but it’s not.



Go for the pan-roasted Maine lobster with black truffle sabayon if you really want something memorable or kick off your meal with a tiny but tasty starter such as their bone marrow flan (from S$26), or bigeye tuna tartare (from S$37). They also have a long list of fine wines from across the world, alongside beers and house cocktails starting from S$22.

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