[WORLDKINGS] Top attractive culinary destinations in the world – P35 – Kayabukiya Tavern (Japan) : Welcome to the restaurant with tiny hairy waiters


(Worldkings.org) The Kayabukiya Tavern is a traditional-style Japanese "sake-house" restaurant (izakaya), which has some rather unusual staff members in the form of 5 adorable monkeys!


The tavern's owner, Kaoru Otsuka, owns two pet macaque monkeys who are currently employed to work at the location. The first monkey, twelve-year-old "Yat-chan", is dressed in a shirt and shorts while he takes customers' drink orders and delivers them to the diners' tables.



The younger macaque, named Fuku-chan, is currently four years old and has the main duty of bringing the attendees hot towels to clean their hands before ordering drinks. Fuku-chan has only two years of experience, while Yat-chan has been reportedly performing the job for a longer time.



Both monkeys receive boiled soya beans from customers as tips for their service. The monkeys' environment has been inspected to ensure proper treatment of the animals; due to Japanese animal rights regulations, they are each only allowed to work for two hours a day. On a typical night, Otsuka proudly puts his monkeys through their paces, showing off their latest tricks. They wear costumes as they perform and put on traditional outfits during New Year’s celebrations.



Otsuka said there are many places to watch monkeys, but his restaurant — which serves a simple menu of barbecued chicken, fried dumplings and rice dishes that customers wash down with a no-frills selection of beer and sake — is among the only ones where people can hold or interact with them.



Otsuka got the idea after taking his pet monkey to the restaurant more than 20 years ago and getting it to hand a wet oshibori towel to a customer, said his wife, Mie. The customer was delighted, she said. Since then, the monkeys have been handing out oshibori, bringing beer to customers and performing for them.

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