[WORLDKINGS] Top attractive culinary destinations in the world - P30 - El Diablo "The devil" (Spain): Adventurously dine at a restaurant on top of a volcano


(WorldKings.org) If you are cooking on top of an active volcano, basking in the heat of the pits of fire from the depths of the Earth, having the hellfire bow down to you and become a stove for you, nothing is really too much anymore. It’s the definition of “kickass”!! Meet, El Diablo restaurant, in a Spanish Island called Lanzarote, off the coast of Morocco.

A volcano chose the restaurant and settled comfortably like a little kitty on a blanket into the arms of the chefs who now, pet it with grills and skewers. A radiating, hot pit that cooks food. El Diablo is the Shrek of the Volcano land. It looks menacing but is actually cute as a button.




Prior to something like this happened to the volcano, it still was very much like a stove. Some volcanoes have stoveness thrust upon them. So sardines and wine were served to the visitors. But in 1970, Cesar Manrique created a restaurant around it naming it El Diablo. Yes, maybe one of those really unusual cases where you build a restaurant because you have a stove.




Now a restaurant cannot really make use of all that raw, amazing volcano heat as is, it needs taming. Only, to install a grill, they needed to have foundations and it was really impossible to do that. So, architects got busy and made a nine layer, basalt volcanic rock structure that now supports the iron cast grill that saw many a delicacy cook away to volcanic perfection, at 450-500 degrees of geothermal heat.



You can have a tour of the volcanic grill, along with a delicious three-course meal, that’s cooked on the dear darling grill while soaking in the surrounding breathtaking view. It is desolated and beautiful.

According to curioushalt.com

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